Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Starting the quilt

I think I might be challenging myself a bit with this quilt. For starters, the base fabric is duck cloth, which I later found out is NOT recommended for quilting. It frays a LOT! So I cut the blocks at 13 inches, with a plan to cut them down to 12.5 once I finished the appliqué. Each block had to be zig zagged to reduce the fraying.I've never appliqued before and hadn't done quilt as you go or much free motion quilting. Oh well, nothing like a challenge.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Botanica Kentuckii

I decided to make a quilt for a friend's 50th birthday. After looking for a quilt pattern that would work with green as the primary colour (her favourite), I found a beautiful quilt named Botanica
Kentuckii by Linzi Upton.  Linzi kindly agreed to my using her quilt as a pattern.

Linzi's Botanica Kentuckii