Monday, 30 September 2013

What do you think?

Work is not enjoyable and DH has been a bit toey about my spending time sewing, so I've taken a craftsy course and have been making a needleturn appliqué bock which will become another cushion.


Even so, I finished the tumbling blocks quilt last night and will post it to my nephew today. I'm calling it optic.

The quilting is simple with straight lines for the dark and medium sides and a continuous swirl for the block tops.

I had to tie in the ends in over the course of a week..the three different sized stripes on the back of the quilt were painful on the eyes, hence the quilt name.

The binding is a black and white chevron, although once it has been cut on the bias, you'd never know. I also quilted the label information on the bottom of the quilt, so it's not too obvious. The quilt shrank several inches in the wash and ended up at 93.5 x 88 inches.

The quilt is waving goodbye before it heads off to Canberra.


So, back to my niece's peacock quilt. Twelve 16 patch blocks were made last week and this weekend I drew the peacock's body. I'm trying to work on the layout using the blocks I've made so far. The rest will either be long blades in the same fabrics, or pieced blades. I'm not sure that I like the 16 patch blocks.

maybe an option

Too busy

I might use this layout. What do you think?

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