Saturday, 19 January 2013

Finishes or WIPs

On Wednesday, I had a few completions.  First, I finished the continuous curves on the double nine patch.  I've now also finished off all the SID in the borders and basted the outside border.  Here is a pic of the basted and continuous curves.  The basting of the nine patches was done with water soluble thread, but with the heat and humidity we've been experiencing, I had a lot of thread breaks.  Hopefully it will wash out.
I hope the basting washes out!

continuous curves

I also finally finished adding the last row of flowers to my grandmother's flower garden.  It has taken ages since we got home, as I have only worked on it on the train to and from work.  Next up is basting it.  I have to have both quilts finished before the upcoming birthdays in late March and early April, and have to send the late March one off to ensure it reaches my sister in time.

I'm glad to have finished this flimsy.  So, two sort of finishes and WIPs this week.

I'm now planning possible quilts for my niece and nephew, both young adults.

Lying on a queen size bed

Hanging in it's own glory


  1. Beautiful quilts - I especially love your red and white double nine patch! Haven't yet tried the water soluble thread, so I'll be interested in hearing how it does wash out.

    1. Thanks Pat. I've still got a lot of quilting to do before I can test out the soluble thread. I'll be trying to use Don Linn's method to mark motifs in the large white squares, so really need the wonky stitching in those areas disappear. This quilt is huge, so I wanted to stabilise it more but didn't want to keep the pins in.

  2. What size are your finished blocks?

  3. The red squares are one inch, so the full double nine patch blocks are nine inches. I think it will finish at about 90 x 102 inches

  4. Those are both gorgeous! Whoop whoop!!

  5. And another Whoop Whoop! You did good. The tops are beautiful and the quilts will be even better.


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