Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The ayes have it!

I am nearing the end..... Only four more peacock eyes are left to machine appliqué on the quilt top. This has been a fairly long process, with 54? eyes, with two needleturn fabrics and two machine appliqued fabrics on each eye. I've done the needleturn appliqué on the short train ride to and from work.

Once I've finished those, I need to put some garnish on the top of the peacock head and do something about an eye. Lots of options there, although I haven't yet decided what to do.


I've also finished the backing for the quilt. I did want to create stars in the cornerstones, but ended up making plain cornerstones as I think this quilt has taken enough of my time.


The colours don't look as nice in the photo as they do in real life. The back is made from coordinated Japanese fabrics, which all have gold bling. I had to use different combinations of fabric in the borders, as I really didn't want to buy any more fabric for the back.


You can see the colours of the back, with teal sashing in the middle of the back, but possibly not the gold bling. I'm looking forward to quilting this one, possibly using Angela Walters' peacock feather design around each eye.


Here is an eye in close up - displaying my not very smooth needleturn. I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday here.