Thursday, 29 November 2012

Final full flowers

We have been in Bangkok for three nights, on our way home.  I found a fabric shop in Edinburgh with some quilting fabric.  The woman behind the counter wasn't very friendly, but I bought some plain fabrics so I could make the final flowers using fabric I bought in Amsterdam and Ljubljana.

My final full flowers are below.  My phone is so frustrating as it washes out all the colour.  The blue flower has delft blue in the outer petals.

I've been quiet as I've been joining all the original flowers together.  All I have to do now is join the last four flowers to each other and to the rest of the flimsy, sew together two half flowers (don't have the fabric to do that until I get home), add in the two missing petals that I lost on the train and finish off the white border at the bottom of the quilt.  

Ill post a picture of the full flimsy when I get home and can upload a photo from a real camera.  It should only take a couple of fullish days, so maybe at the end of next week I'll definitely have finished the top.  I'm not sure if I'll finish it with straight edges or do a hexi border.  Any ideas?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

York quilt museum and another hexi

I had a bad migraine when I woke up, but continued sightseeing with dh.  I found that there was a quilt museum in York and we duly toddled off on that general direction.  Dh went to the pub nearby for a York ale, while I paid my six pounds for the museum entry. 
I was disappointed.  There was a display of one quilters work over the years which were essentially contemporary art quilts with mostly straight line quilting, which I wasn't really interested in, and a small room with whole cloth quilts.  That took my attention for a little while.   The attached shop didn't have much on offer either
never mind.  I started and finished another hexi today, apart from the white hexi borders.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

New hexi

I finished all of the hexis for which I brought fabric from home and have been joining them together over the last week or so. We went to lake bled yesterday and I decided to use some of the fabric I bought in ljubljana to make a new hexi on the bus trip there.

I only finished the first red row, even though each trip took over an hour.

The red fabric is soooooo tightly woven it burred my needle and it was so difficult to push the needle through that I now have a bloodied hole in my index finger!

Anything to do with the place we visited?  I am looking forward to finishing this flower so my finger can heal.  It's taking me twice as long to stitch this flower.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Gmfg fabric purchases

I really wanted to buy some fabrics for the hexi quilt I'm making while we are away, but the few fabric stores I've found in eastern europe didn't have anything like quilting weight cotton.  I bought one fat quarter in Amsterdam (bottom right) and out of desperation, the other five in Ljubljana, as I'm going to run out of sewing in the next couple of days.  The green fabric is a liberties fabric.  How funny to buy it in slovenia.  There weren't many choices.  I'll need to supplement these in York or Edinburgh next week.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Update from Ljubljana

We arrived in Ljubljana yesterday afternoon and I joined more flowers on the train trip.  I've now got five sections to join. Those missing petals are really annoying me.

Once again, these colours aren't true - the shaggy rug in the background is lime green!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Grandmother's flower garden quilt progress

I haven't posted for a while as dh has been unwell with a gastric problem and I've been the driver from Serbia, through Romania and Hungary.  Most of our time in Hungary was spent with dh in bed or organising a doctor, so not much sightseeing in Szeged or Pecs.  I finished the final flower and half flowers then started to join them.  We've had two nights in Zagreb and are off to Maribor, Slovenia in the morning.  Here is my progress so far.  With a three hour train trip tomorrow, I should be able to join a few more flowers.  What will I do if I finish sewing before we get home?

Sorry about the grainy photos - I have to take them with my phone to get them up on the blog.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Cluj-Napoca hexi

We've spent two nights in cluj-napoca and I sewed one hexi and one half hexi, but haven't sewn on the white borders.  We are off to Oredea this morning - only a couple of hours drive.  I should finish off the white borders in Oredea and maybe start on my last full flower  and two half flowers.