Sunday, 27 October 2013

This has legs!

It seems I didn't take photos when I finished off the background.  Next step is the peacock's body.
First legs drawing

Final leg drawing

Leg fabric

Here they are

All fused raw edge applique

What a handsome boy!  More eyes to come

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sleeping peacock

possible layout of the eyes (these ones are all for the end feathers, and need lots of hand and machine applique yet

Glue the feather base to the feathers

Machine applique (no stabiliser for me!)

Fold in half and trim the sides

and the curve 

and the base - all on the floor

Pull away the glue and trim the inside

all trimmed - please ignore the flipped seams :-(
 And that's it for this weekend.  I have jobs to do.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Slow peacock progress

Here is an update

The tail is together.  Work has started on the eyes

hand and machine appliqued

Nothing to do with the peacock, but my first hand applique from Sarah Filke's Craftsy course

The cushion back

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Peacock progression

The top is now underway. This post is picture heavy, as I want to document the steps to make this quilt. Not too many words to get in the way.
Initial sketch

Final sketch

Tail fabrics
Scaled to size

Possible layout (and the peacock's body)

Testing without cutting

Materials - cheap grease proof paper, glue and scissors

Glue strips of grease proof paper together. Fold in half lengthwise, using two fold-up tables to hold the fragile paper. Draw the peacock body and then fabric sections of the lines need to be spaced better - so do the subsequent blue lines.


Much better spacing! Use a sophisticated ruler to draw the lines

Keep going

Turn over to reveal the other half

Trace over the lines from the other side

Open. Check out the imperfect symmetry.

Test for size

Test again

Decide colour layout and number pieces. Cut sections apart and use as patterns for the fabric

Repeat. Change your mind about the starting colour

Pin before rotary cutting. Remember to include the seam allowance

Keep cutting sections apart, cut fabric and sew together. Keep them in order

Slowly getting there.  More to come.