Saturday, 17 August 2013

Finally a Friday flimsy finish

Today I finished the quilt top for my nephew.  It is pretty big and I couldn't get it flat for a good photo.

The top measures 2.56 x 2.33 metres, or 102 x 92 inches.  Now for the quilt back!

The green is simply the sun shining through
From the back

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Still making stuff

DH and I have been on a mini road trip for ten days, down to the Hunter Valley in NSW to sample some shiraz. No sewing, as I didn't want a huge hand sewing effort, so I decided to return (albeit briefly) to crocheting. It was so easy to pick it up again. I made 21 granny squares while we were away and have made a couple since we got back on Sunday. Two more to go before I sew all the ends in and join them together for a blanket for my dog.


Yes, they look a little ;-) wonky but I'm hoping they'll straighten up when I join them.


My nephew's tumbling block quilt is also coming along as the vertical sections are all joined together and I only have seven more seams to pin and sew before it is officially a flimsy. It seems huge, but will end up at about 88 inches wide and about 105 inches high. I had to move it off the design wall as its too big.


I've bought large and small black and white fabrics for the back, but can't decide on how to piece it. Maybe pinwheels?


My niece isn't giving much away in her preference for styles, but said she liked teal and grey. I wanted to do something a bit more exotic, so drew a concept only drawing for a quilt for her. Very naive (childish.) looking at this stage. Hopefully I'll get better.

I chose some "teal" fabrics online, but most of them appear to be more turquoise in real life. Teal is a difficult colour as it means different things to different people. I'll send her the pics so she can tell me if she likes the colours or not. These are the fabrics I plan to use for


the background...pieced, but I'm not sure how yet

The body

And the feather detail

Although I might use separate blues and purples.


My scrappy trip around the world blocks haven't increased since I started the tumbling blocks .... They are just an afterthought after all.