Sunday, 27 April 2014

Final layout - modern drunkard's path

After mucking around with more possible layouts for the first quilt (and not wanting to make a square quilt), these were some of my other options.
This one would have let me use an uneven number of rows/columns

This one really wants to be in multiples of six

This is the layout I've settled on for the first quilt.  I'm really happy with it, even if I have to unpick about 6 blocks and resew them, as they're a bit far off on the corners.  They all still need trimming.  This layout gives lots of movement and secondary shapes which I like.

The blocks will end up at 8 inches finished, so I should end up with a lap quilt 64 x 48 inches.

The layout for the second, mirrored blocks is completely up in the air.  I still have another 18 blocks to sew before I start to lay it out.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Too many WIPs - Progress report

I became a finisher.
Now, I have returned to my earlier self and procrastinate.
I started to piece some drunkards path blocks - I want to make two lap quilts for a couple of friends, but I'm wavering on the layouts. Here are some possibilities. I might make them mirror images, one with the dark quarter circles and the other with the light. Any ideas?
Matchy matchy
Not matchy

The start of a mirror image
I need to commit to a couple of things, one of which is to finish stuff before I start anything else. Other current WIPs are:
Waiting to be basted and quilted

This one is boring - well it was but the photo has disappeared. Bad blogsy.  Put it back now!
Lovely tone it down

Long term project

Still working on this shawl

Owl tea cosy for my sister

Thursday, 10 April 2014

APQ Tone it Down QAL - Flimsy finish

Hooray, it is done.  The top section really isn't darker than the bottom section.  I think this is just shadow from under the house.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

APQ Tone it Down quilt blocks - DONE - tick

I finally became really industrious and decided to chain piece the last four blocks at once.  I should have done this from the beginning, apart from the first block.

It has been a mountain of sewing - I webbed the sub-units to make sure I didn't get them muddled - thanks Bonnie Hunter!

Here are the last four blocks.

And here they all are together.  Obviously my design wall is not high enough to fit them all on.  This isn't the final layout and I still have to make 27 more nine patches for the sashing, but its looking lovely.

It is such a pretty quilt.

The hexagons continue, although I am starting to get stabbing pains in my hand - I think from all the hand sewing.  I might have to slow down on those.

Once the Tone it Down quilt is finished, I'll have two quilt tops to baste and quilt and one still being made into a top.  I think I've already decided on the next one - curved piecing!