Sunday, 27 April 2014

Final layout - modern drunkard's path

After mucking around with more possible layouts for the first quilt (and not wanting to make a square quilt), these were some of my other options.
This one would have let me use an uneven number of rows/columns

This one really wants to be in multiples of six

This is the layout I've settled on for the first quilt.  I'm really happy with it, even if I have to unpick about 6 blocks and resew them, as they're a bit far off on the corners.  They all still need trimming.  This layout gives lots of movement and secondary shapes which I like.

The blocks will end up at 8 inches finished, so I should end up with a lap quilt 64 x 48 inches.

The layout for the second, mirrored blocks is completely up in the air.  I still have another 18 blocks to sew before I start to lay it out.

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  1. I really love this layout. So much different than a regular Drunkard's Patch. Great choice!


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