Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pretty quiet on the quilting front

DH has been getting antsy about the amount of time I spend quilting, so for winter, I've moved to crochet.

I did finish the drunkard's path lap quilts for some friends just before we went on holidays two weeks ago.  The backs are actually white flannelette, so I don't know why they look blue.

Here they are.

The front - 2nd drunkard's path
The back


Front - 1st drunkard's path
the back

 I played around with the layouts forever.  Each quilt uses the reverse block of the other.  I drafted my own template from cardboard and used it to cut the curves.  As the quarter circle takes up most of each block, I had to find layouts that didn't require all four bulky seams to come together.

These are lap quilts and I gave them to the recipients before I went on holidays.  Due to the rush, I forgot to label them!  Whoops.

I have been busy making tea cosies for family and charity and will show these in my next post.  I tried to teach myself to knit, and failed fantastically, so all the cosies I have made are crocheted.

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  1. Great quilts - love the design and your quilting sets them off beautifully. Haven't knit or crocheted for years, no desire to relearn either so I admire your tenacity in trying, especially the knitting. Are you left-handed like I am? Much of the difficulty for me with both crocheting or knitting was trying to transpose the directions in my head since most instruction books are for righties.


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