Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Black and white and red all over

The spiderweb quilt is bound, but not fully quilted yet. Its been on the sofa for a week but my shoulder has been so sore I can't take the weight of it to finish quilting it yet.


So instead, I'm using the cutting instructions for the free craftsy June block to make a quilt for my nephew. I've been waiting for this one to be put up as there are no Y seams in this tumbling block. I upscaled the block to use 6 1/4 inch strips for this quilt, as I'm a bit sick of making quilts with lots of piecing. Haven't decided yet if I want to put a border on the blocks or just leave the tumbling blocks to fall off to the edges.

I'm only at the cutting stage with this one and it is using much less fabric than I was anticipating. I've cut up one yard of each of the fabrics so far. The pale section is actually a small black spot on white and I will only have one red block, just for fun and my nephew's football team colours.


I'm also using up the two inch strips left over from the spiderweb quilt to make some scrappy trip around the world blocks, using Bonnie Hunter's tutorial here. I have enough strips for 25 blocks which should finish at 9 inches. Either my strips aren't all two inches wide or my seams are wrong, as some of the blocks are almost 1/2 inch short. Back to my best friend, the unpicker :-P

Update on the scrappy trip around the world blocks. They are not square. I think I'll call it a day and turn the eight blocks into two cushion fronts. The idea of unpicking every seam of 8 x 36 squares gives me the horrors. Life is too short.