Saturday, 26 April 2014

Too many WIPs - Progress report

I became a finisher.
Now, I have returned to my earlier self and procrastinate.
I started to piece some drunkards path blocks - I want to make two lap quilts for a couple of friends, but I'm wavering on the layouts. Here are some possibilities. I might make them mirror images, one with the dark quarter circles and the other with the light. Any ideas?
Matchy matchy
Not matchy

The start of a mirror image
I need to commit to a couple of things, one of which is to finish stuff before I start anything else. Other current WIPs are:
Waiting to be basted and quilted

This one is boring - well it was but the photo has disappeared. Bad blogsy.  Put it back now!
Lovely tone it down

Long term project

Still working on this shawl

Owl tea cosy for my sister

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  1. The setting of your drunkards path is so unique! I really like it! I think my favorite is the second picture from the top but I also love the one right below it! So hard to pick! Well, I'm almost done blocks 9 and 10 for my Tone It Down quilt but I've been busy machine quilting since I'm working on a graduation gift due soon. I think Tone It Down is a somewhat long term project for me. I just can't rush through it! I love your crochet projects. I'm also knitting a shrug. Too much to do, not enough time!! You're making great progress


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