Thursday, 24 January 2013

WIP Wednesday

Quilting of the white blocks continues.  I drew a couple of motifs for my sister to choose from and ended up going with this one.

Given that there are 6 x 5 white blocks, and the linear nature of the motif, I decided to quilt this motif on alternating white blocks and maybe use a wreath type motif on the other white blocks.  This would help to disguise any wonkiness in my quilting the first motif as I wouldn't have to line everything up perfectly.

I quilted the large motif five times in the first two rows and then thought, why not use the central part of the motif for the other blocks?
Using Don Linn's method to mark the motif onto tulle and then onto the quilt, I tried out the smaller motif.  I didn't quite like its placement, so removed the marks with water.  To my horror, some of the permanent marker was left on the fabric!   I emailed Don to see if he had come across this and he replied that he had not.

As the quilting is nowhere near finished, I tried to spot remove it, to no avail.

I decided to try and hide it by quilting over it and I've now almost completed two rows.  Here are pictures of the quilted motifs.  I'm going to have to try and find another method for marking motifs without a template, as I just can't run the risk of this happening again.  I had the same problem on a section of the border of my mother's quilt.


  1. Hi, After you traced the design onto the tulle with the permanent marker, did you heat set it with an iron, using a pressing cloth? I think that would keep the permanent marker from transferring to your quilt. Also, when I tried this, I waited a day or so before transferring the design to be sure the permanent marker was 'set.' Love the quilting though, it's really looking fabulous.

  2. Your quilting looks wonderful! I didn't try Don Linn's method. I used a light box with disappearing marker.


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