Sunday, 29 July 2012

Not much sewing this week

Not much sewing done this week.

Here is my progress earlier in the week
101 nine patches made so far

This weekend, I had to clean the house as we had friends coming over and today, shop for bearers and install them on the low level deck I'm building down the back yard.

So the only quilty type of thing I did was to press the 101 nine patch blocks!

Push the seams in opposite directions, to reduce the bulk in the seams

The bottom one not yet done, the top one, seams twisted open

Square up the block

Trimmed block
101 blocks pressed and trimmed.   I got to piece a couple together to make a few double nine patch blocks.  It is starting to take shape - I'll be using white for the in-between blocks.  Five done, 44 to go.

Get the idea?

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