Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lost the plot

I don't know what's happened.

I'm meant to be doing two things only....


and finishing the quilting on this, so I can bind it and give it to my sister to take to my niece in Canberra.

Something went wrong along the way.  I cut up a whole heap of nominally low volume fabrics to make a simple patchwork quilt.  Why?  I don't know.  It has no reason or purpose, so here it sits as four patches, pinned in rows.  Its not really low volume though.

WIP 3?

Then I saw the APQS Tone It Down QAL.
It's a lovely quilt.  I had no reason to start selecting fabrics to use, or to start cutting into them.  I have been cutting now for a couple of weeks - hours and hours worth and I still have about 260 1.5" squares and 70 1.5 x 2.5" rectangles to cut in low volume prints.  I really want to start making this one, although I think it will take forever, as I'm doing the really scrappy version and there are so many little bits.  Do I need another quilt?  No.

WIP 4 - APQS tone it down

Then I had an idea for a lap quilt for my sister's husband, who has early onset Alzheimers.  He's not too bad yet.  I thought about their old labrador and how he looks for kangaroos on his walks.  So, of course, I'll try my hand at the black lab applique on the Quilters' Cache pages.  I had to put at least one kangaroo in as well, but I'll probably put in three.  I haven't made the lab yet, but here is one kangaroo.


On top of this, of course there is always crocheting to keep me busy on my 8 min train trip to work.  This is mean to be a wrap - lots of ends to sew in yet.


I think I've bitten off more than I can chew.  DH will be very unhappy.  The most I normally have is two quilts going at a time.  One being made and one in the design stage.  Oh dear...


  1. don't worry. i have to have a few quilts on the go. if i don't i get bored. all of a sudden i have 5 quilts finished. you will get the finished. happy sewing, kathleen mary

  2. Don't worry, it is okay to grab the gusto when the creativity hits.


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