Friday, 31 August 2012

2012 FMQ Challenge - August

I have drawn this design from Wendy Sheppard's tutorial on Jesters' hats lots of times, but it is only the looming deadline of the end of the month that has made me sew it.

I actually found it easier to sew than draw - go figure!  Even so, I still need to work on the consistency of my stitch length and spacing.  Some of the jesters' hats are pretty wonky, but I found it easier to do big round hats with lots of swirls.  I think the really wonky ones happened when I was trying to get out of an area.

Here is my entry for the August challenge.  Thanks Wendy for the tutorial.

The front - some of them are pretty wonky

The back - no thread breaks on this one

I am making a quilt for my sister - still need to add a six inch white border after the red border.  It should end up being 230 x 260 cm.  I'm planning on quilting the white squares with some of the motifs from Don Linn's book, Sophisticated Stitches, but I can't figure out how to print any of the motifs from the Kindle version of the book.  Any ideas anyone?

I'll also try a feather border in the outer white border.  Does anyone have any other suggestions for quilting this?


  1. Great job on your challenge piece! The quilt is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Rhonda. I think the most difficult thing is deciding what to quilt. The rest is just practice, practice, practice.

  3. Nice job on the Jester FMQ, and I love your red and white quilt! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks for looking and your comments Mary. Unfortunately I can't look at your blog as it seems to be private

  4. Cute hats. Love your stripe fabric. Your sister's quilt top is awesome.

  5. I love your jester hats! Mine didn't come out as good but I do plan on practicing more. This challenge was harder than it looked! I hope you don't mind but I followed your blog. I love seeing what other free motion quilters are up to! Feel free to visit my blog!

  6. Hi rosemary. I'm glad you're trying along with the rest of us. Trust me, my stitches are very erratic:)


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