Sunday, 16 September 2012

September FMQ challenge

We are off to eastern Europe in a couple of weeks and have so much cleaning and organising to do so the sitter doesn't recoil in horror at the state of the house.  In between that and preparing some hand sewing quilting for when we are away, this month's challenge was a rush job.

I used the method shown by Don Linn to transfer the motif using a hoop and tuille to mark the fabric.

The front -I can't travel stitch when doing motifs and my stitch length becomes. Tiny.

The back
I'm not very good at motifs as my stitches become tiny and I can't see well enough for travel stitching.  Don't you hate getting older?

This is my poor attempt at the September challenge.  Signing off as it is late.


  1. Mine is all marked but haven't done the actual sewing yet. I think yours looks great! I hope mine comes out just as good!

  2. Pretty good that your back is so well centered!

  3. I think this is a tough challenge--you did a good job!


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