Sunday, 9 September 2012

David meets Goliath

I trimmed and tugged all the red frayed ends from the monster, as they would show through the white.  About 10 hours later, all the blocks have had their seam allowances almost completely removed, there was so much fraying!  As the small squares finish up at 1 inch, I have a mountain of stray threads.

Before trimming
After trimming
David meets Goliath the quilt
Given everything I have read about wool batting shifting while it's being quilted, I used a basting spray for the first baste, before pinning it.   I used a Birch quilting spray, which was the only one available at the shop.

This product was a waste of time and money.  I'm very unimpressed with it as it hardly stuck the three layers of the sandwich together.  It is meant to be re-positionable.  It certainly was as in lots of places, the fabric didn't stick, even though I used the whole tin of spray.

 I'm hoping they stayed together long enough when I moved the sandwich off the floor and onto a table to pin baste it instead.

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