Monday, 17 June 2013

Beagle quilts

After Australia Day last year, a shop was giving away their excess australian car flags. I grabbed quite a few of them and drove down to the dog park with 16 flags flapping in the breeze, as a joke for a friend who poo poos the event. DH was convinced I would be pulled over by the police for causing a traffic hazard.

After some hilarity at the park, I drove home, pondering what to do with the flags. Make a quilt for the non-lovers of the Aussie flag! So I squared up the Made in Taiwan flags and sewed them together with the intent to end up with a rectangle of slippery flagness.. I then had to come up with something less slippery for the back. But of course, it had to be a eureka flag. I sewed together a semblance of the anti establishment Aussie flag and then quilted it and bound it.


Here it is in all it's stinkyness, having been slept on by two smelly beagles. Holding it up for the photos, I nearly collapsed from the odour de doge.

I participated in the 2012 FMQ challenge and had made a quilt from a layer cake, supplemented by white fabric. I decided to finish quilting the remaining blocks and giving it to the beagle owners so their dogs would have one each. I suspect it's not very warm as sections of it are quilted so heavily. So I pulled my finger out on Sunday and quilted the borders and bound it. Into the washing machine and it is now covering a snoring beagle.

Here it is, being coveted by my dog.

And used by its new owner.


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  1. Beagles are absolutely by far the best little dogs ever! (I have two.) :) Really love your Aussie quilt- very pretty and creative. Wound up finding your blog when you posted your spiderweb quilt (really love it)- thinking I will make one if I can figure out how to piece the middle sections. Great blog and wonderful quilts!


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