Sunday, 23 March 2014

APQ Tone it Down - blocks eleven and twelve

I had a big sewing session last night and this morning.  Blocks eleven and twelve are now done - It takes about four solid hours of sewing to complete two blocks - that is with most of the pieces already cut.

Blocks so far...

I've also completed a few more flowers for my hexi quilt.  I only make these on the train, down at the dog park and at night time if I watch a bit of telly.  These hexis have one inch sides, excluding the seam allowance, and I've been sewing them together with a running stitch.  This is more my style - lots of loud colour.

I'm still painting our little sitting room - it is bright yellow.  So, lots of things in progress.

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  1. You're so far ahead of me! I have 6 blocks done and am starting to cut out blocks 7 and 8. Takes forever to cut out and just as long to sew together! That being said, I love how your blocks look! It's a lot of work but well worth it! You're inspiring me to continue. I just have to keep at it!


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