Sunday, 23 December 2012

Feathers galore for dresdens

After a bit of a disaster stitching in the ditch for every seam, I ended up ripping out half of the stitches due to dreadful distortion on the back.  Given that it was still puffy, I tried steaming out the excess fabric.  It seems to have worked.  Here is the back of the "bad" block.  Ive done free motion feathers as the filler for each block - and I'm really happy with how they are turning out.
Fourth feather block - this is actually the same yellow as the one below - go figure!

First feather block

Here is the back before I unpicked half of the stitches.

 Sadly, when unpicking the pebbles in the centre of the dresden plate, I cut a hole in it.  I've now filled that with a cut off of the yellow fabric, fused it on and quilted it again.  I hate unpicking.

Here is the front of the quilt - you cant really see the feathers, due to the pattern on the fabric.  This is meant to be a Christmas present, but with all the unpicking, I'm running behind schedule.  It will have to be a couple of days late.  I still have two blocks to do with FM feathers, and the sashing and the borders, never mind the binding.

Hopefully I can use this quilt for the December challenge by Patsy Thompson - maybe in the sashing and the border.

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