Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bloggers' festival

I started a quilt for a work colleague who decided to move back to Darwin. She really wanted my version of Kentuckii Botannica, but that was for someone else and has already been given, so I decided to make something in the same colours, but different. I won't make the same quilts again. As I didn't have too much time, I decided to make an improv star quilt, with lots of negative space for what I enjoy - the quilting!

All pieced and basted

The only thing I had decided was that all the stars should be in the process of moving, so I quilted the main stars with trails. After that, I used fillers to complete the middle section of the quilt.
Detail of some of the middle.
after that, I then decided to quilt each of the four elements in each corner of the quilt - fire (sun)' water, wind and the earth, represented by plants.

I am linking up to
And am entering the home machine quilting and throw quilt categories? I hope you enjoy these pictures.


  1. I love this quilt - so modern and fun!

  2. Great quilt. I love all the negative space (and the wonky stars). :)

  3. Beautiful quilting on this! It really makes the quilt quite special.

  4. Beautiful! Love your quilting plan.

  5. Very nice, somehow very calm and peaceful! Looks like it'll be great to curl up with!

  6. This looks awesome! Love your pattern and the quilting!

  7. Very nice quilting! And I like the stars and negative space.

  8. Thanks for your nice comments. Hopefully the quilt can be used when the air conditioning is cranked up in Darwin.


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