Saturday, 25 May 2013

Shrinking violet

Thirty of the blocks are now joined together.

When I first laid out this quilt, I thought I had cut too many spiderwebs. I was wrong.

This was my initial layout.

I thought that 3 large webs wide and 3.5 high would be big enough.

After sewing the many, many, many seams, here is the revised layout. You can see how much the middle section has shrunk, from all those seam allowances. It will now be 3.5 large webs wide and 4 high, so I have to make another 5 or so half webs and lots more kites.

The quilt has shrunk, but I don't think its a shrinking violet, more of a loud, brash gerbera. This was never meant to be a quiet, peaceful quilt.

Because everything is on the bias, my piecing the sections together has not gone as well as I first planned, however I don't mind. I like the overall effect and don't think that the jagged joins really spoil the look - since when were spiderwebs perfect anyway!
The top is becoming very heavy- this should be a very warm sofa or bed quilt - depends on how big I end up making it. I don't think this quilt will want any fancy quilting - It's far too busy for that.


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